World Order and Disorder Discussion

Hi! First of all- thank you.

My essay prompt is attached (essay prompt-rubric) – but here is the gist of it:

According to some observers of contemporary international politics, “the balance between world order and disorder is shifting toward the latter.” Other scholars disagree, arguing that despite recent challenges, the Western liberal order remains resilient “as the overarching framework for global politics.”

Discuss both arguments by making maximum use of ideas and specific examples from your reading assignments and lectures. Make sure to root your analysis in the key themes surveyed in this course: realist and liberal insights about world order; debates about post-Cold War unipolarity; American grand strategy and the future of American power; challenges of managing rising /resurgent great powers; and problems of global governance.

I have also attached my attempt at it, but, due to time constraints, I could not finish it. (essay draft- incomplete)

I have also attached 2 essays that were written for this exact prompt which I found online. Please do NOT use these to write the essay, but as a guide to how the paper should be written. (example 1- essay, example 2- essay)

Sources: I have included the readings which were given to us to write the essay. Please do not use outside sources. I have marked the sources I had planned to use with an asterisk next to them, but feel free to use any of the sources I have added. (edit: studypool will not let me add more than 4 files. There are a total of around 12 different articles/sources you can use to write the paper.)