These Are The Days When The Birds Come Back Dickinson’s Poem

Question 1. Based on material from Dickinson) Choose a favorite or thought-provoking poem from those assigned for Dickinson and respond to it in a well-developed paragraph or two. In other words, why did you choose this one, is it relevant in general or to you in particular, how did you react it initially, upon a second reading, what does it say about the author, about people in general, etc? These are just ideas for brainstorming before you write. 🙂 the poems you have to choose from are 1. “some keep the sabbath going to church”

2. These are the days when the birds come back

3. The soul selects her own society

Q2. Both Madame Knight and William Byrd spend a great deal of time/energy describing and characterizing the people they meet and observe on their journeys. Now, I want you to reflect on both of them and write a characterization of each–as you see them. Devote a brief paragraph to each: brief but thorough and detailed. What are their character traits? Are they likeable? Why? Can you relate to either? What are their strengths and/or flaws or shortcomings? If you could spend time with either one, which would you choose and why? Which account did you like the best?

Q3. We read three poems by William Cullen Bryant. Each deals with death in some way. Although Bryant speaks from a Unitarian perspective, do you think his point of view is applicable to other religious ideologies or your personal feelings about death? Why and/or how? I am interested in your personal response to his views. You may address his overall view or choose one of the three and respond to it specifically. (Please type your response directly into the text box and don’t attach a document.) (poem for this one is called “Thanatopsis”