The Mongols: Good or Bad?

In the video “Wait For It…The Mongols!: Crash Course World History #17,” John Green presented possible reasons why the Mongols were both awesome and not so awesome. The purpose of this discussion is to have each of you consider this question for yourself and then conclude if the impact of the Mongols was ultimately good or bad. Rather than trying to argue that the Mongols were both good and bad, you must each take a position on one side or the other.

To complete the discussion assignment this week, you will need to study both sides of the impact of the Mongols. Begin this by watching the Crash Course video again, which is included below, and read the two sources posted below. The first is an account of the Tartars, or Mongols, by the Italian merchant Marco Polo (he refers Genghis Khan as Chingis-khan) and the second is an account from a modern source reflecting back on the Mongols. The video and these two sources are meant to be only the beginning of learning about the topic. After viewing the video and reading the sources, please research the question yourself online (do not use Wikipedia). Keep track of your sources so that you can cite them in your post.

Once your research is done, compose your discussion post. Present both the positives and negatives relating to the Mongols and their impact. Conclude by stating your position about whether the Mongols were good or bad, supporting that final position with your evidence.


To complete the discussion, please respond to the discussion prompt in an original post that is wellstructured, comprehensive, and addresses all parts of the prompt. After making your initial post in response to the discussion prompt, read through the posts of your peers and respond to a minimum of two classmates. These responses should also be thoughtful and carefully written. Be sure to use proper spelling and grammar and show respect to others in each of your posts. All responses posted in the forum should be supported with evidence and information from the readings or from other sources. Citations must be provided for information and ideas from these sources. At the end of a post, provide a full list of sources.