The Impact of Race on Perception of Criminal Justice

Complete the tasks as outlined below:

  1. Identify your own criminal justice-related research study topic.
  2. Detail your research hypothesis.
  3. Discuss the theoretical considerations that informed your hypothesis.
  4. Discuss the variables that you would include in your study.
  5. Indicate which variables are independent and dependent, the categories of each variable, and the level of measurement for each variable.
  6. Develop the null and research hypotheses that you would use to tests for your study.
  7. Discuss whether you think you would find support for the null or research hypothesis and why?

Hint: Review the material that discusses Testing Hypotheses.

Note: You are not being asked to actually go out and conduct a study. Based on the assigned topic, you are being asked to brainstorm about hypotheses and variables, to apply the theoretical hypothesis concepts, and to make a prediction about which hypothesis would be supported.