The Development of The Mechanical Clock

Technology is often the product of people and their circumstances, yet its influence also far surpasses its immediate environment. This understanding of technology helps to explain the resulting changes to human behavior that occur over time, especially when one considers the historical periods involved in the development and distributions of specific technologies.

In keeping with the idea that some technologies may possess inherent value-laden qualities, consider how the invention of mechanized timekeeping devices (such as the mechanical clock) have radically changed human behavior over the last 1000 years.

For this assignment, explain the historical context and cultural traditions which led to the development of the mechanical clock. Do research on how the development and adoption of the mechanical clock in Europe later affected the United States. Be sure to give examples. Then, consider your own experience with a form of artifactual timekeeping. Consider the influence that precision in accurate timekeeping has had upon your own behavior, both in your everyday life and especially as an engineer.

In your write up, be sure to include all the followings:

1. Describe the history of the mechanical clock, including at least one influence that led to its development (e.g., historical, cultural, religious, social, economic, political).

2. Explain how the mechanical clock gave rise to the concept of artifactual time.

3. Explain how precision in accurate timekeeping affected human behavior in both Europe and the United States. Give examples.

4. Think about how artifactual timekeeping has affected your own behavior, both in your everyday life and especially as an engineer. That is, consider the importance of measuring time with accuracy and precision that makes possible your training as an engineer.


No cover page, APA, Arial in 12pt, at least 2 references, minimum 750 words.

P.S. Nice to see you my friend! In case you might forget my background, I am a senior student, majoring in Mechanical Engineering. To give you some idea what this assignment is about, I attached my class lecture slides. The links in the last slide are going to be helpful for this essay. It’d be great if you can cite some references from the lecture sides or the links in that slides. If it is too difficult to you, please cite at least 1 reference from the sources I’ve provided.

In part 4, some personal example I can think about would be how important the time is in engineering design in terms of calculation, and estimate, or how important the time is in engineering project delivery so that the product would launch on time. For free to come with your own ideas as long as it is related to engineering field. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you in advance!