The complete Bill of Rights discussion

Internet Activity 1: The Constitution


Visit the Bill of Rights Institute website. On the website, under Educator Resources there is a page called “Teaching with Current Events.” The page lists a number of recent articles related to the Bill of Rights.

Answer the following questions in Microsoft Word in a paper of about 2 pages and place the assignment in the course dropbox by midnight on Sunday. Provide a citation for the articles you read in APA format. For examples of how to cite works for your bibliography check out the APA website.

  1. Summarize a minimum of three articles. Explicitly state the way(s) in which they relate to the Bill of Rights. Do NOT cut and paste from articles. Summarize in your own words.
  2. In each of these stories, do you feel that the Bill of Rights have been violated or upheld? Explain your reasoning in some detail. Make sure to provide proper source information for the stories you decide to discuss!