Team Members From Different Backgrounds and Different Geographic Regions

Answer the following questions based on the original case study and my three milestone papers regarding how to address the situation in the case study. Must include sources cited however the answers can be label 1,2, and 3 in an informal manner. Each answer must be at least 2 paragraphs of content. No headings or title page necessary.


Controls: This section will recommend methods that should help ensure the proposed solution resolves the defined problem now and in the future.

A. Describe how you would address ethical, cultural, and legal variables that present challenges when working with team members from different backgrounds and different geographic regions. Support your response with relevant examples.

B. Explain how organizational values can be identified, validated, and codified to reduce the potential for organizational dissonance.

C. Develop an appropriate gap-analysis strategy to periodically assess the congruence, or lack thereof, between an organization’s espoused values and its enacted values. Be sure to consider the ethical, cultural, and legal variables in the development of your gap-analysis strategy.