School criminal justice discussion

Prior to beginning work on this discussion, please complete the assigned readings in the Wright (2012) text. In addition, review Reducing Justice System Inequality: Introducing the Issue by Laub, 2018, and Blended Sentencing Laws and the Punitive Turn in Juvenile Justice by Schaefer and Uggen, 2016. In addition, please review the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention’s Juvenile Arrest Rates (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. web page.

Justice seeks to make things right. The idea of justice is based on ethics, equality, human rights, religion, and solidarity. In an exploration of the work of John Rawls, Otried, ed. (2014: Section 1.2, Para. 1) indicates that “Rawls considers ‘justice to be the first virtue of social institutions’. In importance it is only comparable to ‘truth […] in systems of thought’”. Juveniles have a branch of justice that is devoted to issues unique to minors who commit crimes. Data shows that most juvenile offenders do not go on to commit crime as adults. Most go on to live productive lives. Please complete your assigned readings for the week and then address the following topics in your initial discussion post:

  • Please give an overview of the history of the juvenile justice movement. Make sure to reference the progressive movement, the advent of juvenile court, the juvenile rights movement, and other pertinent movements within juvenile justice
  • Describe processes for juvenile justice, beginning with intake and ending with detention.
  • Explain how the issue of waiver and transfer from the juvenile justice system is both a juvenile justice issue and a criminal justice issue. As a reminder, the juvenile justice system is associated with persons categorized as juveniles while the criminal justice system is associated with persons categorized as adults.
  • Analyze a perspective on how juvenile justice relates to the welfare of children. Make sure to support your analysis with evidence from scholarly or credible sources.