response paper about sociology course

For your 8th and final essay, you must answer the following question: Who are you?

This question is not meant to trick you, and it most certainly is not meant to be a joke.

In class on Friday, March 8th, I discussed a number of strategies you can use to answer this question. You can choose to follow one of the strategies I recommended, or you can develop your own strategy for answering this question. It’s up to you.

As you draft your response, please demonstrate that you have learned a thing or two by taking this sociology course. That is important.

Your completed essays must be between 900-1200 words.

( In this course , professor talks about several topics in

” whether high school student should attend college”,

“Durkheim’s opinions about suicide”

“Examination of social norm in 7 criterias”

1. To what extent is the norm known and recognized?
2. What is the mode of transmission? How do we learn about the norm?
3. How much have people internalized the norm?
4. How much and how often do we conform to the norm?
5. Does the norm apply equally to all groups?
6. Is the norm severely or lightly enforced?
7. What is the mode and consistency of enforcement?

“Social Class in America. Some people might feel anxious when forced to think or talk about social class. Other people might be fairly un-bothered by the subject.