Questions are in the requirements

This project consists of an essay question with multiple components, all of which must be addressed in some form. The essay needs to be turned into Blackboard and should be at least 3 full pages, double-spaced in Word document, not a PDF. You should use size-12 Times New Roman, Cambria, Arial, (or a similar font type/size). There should be 1” margins all around with your name in the header (NOT the body) of the document

You will need to use outside sources as support in your document and they must be cited within the document. I do NOT have a preference for the format of your citations (APA vs. MLA vs. Chicago-style). I recommend citing the author’s last name and year of publication, with page numbers included for direct quotations; your citation can look like this: (last name, year). If you have a thought that is not your own, you must give credit to the original source. I will run all essays through a software that checks for plagiarism; this is a form of cheating! Further, you must work on this on your own. Violations of these rules will fail to receive credit on for the essay.

In this essay, you should answer:

– Why are ethics important when conducting oneself in a professional environment?

– Describe how you developed your professional set of ethics.

– Describe the process you may use to recognize ethical dilemmas. I recommend relating this to your job, or to your desired occupation, and providing at least one example of an ethical dilemma you may face.

– In a professional environment, what are the consequences, immediate or far-reaching, of unethical behavior? Who are potential stakeholders impacted by ethical/unethical behavior in a professional context?

When I grade the essay, I’m looking to see that careful thought and consideration went into your response. This should be a personal essay that relates to you and your unique experience.