PSY108 SNHU Mental health treatment seeking among young adult veterans

Overview: As the final project for PSY 108, you will choose a problem from a provided list to which you can apply the concepts or theories learned in this class. You will then develop an action plan for how you will use psychological ideas and principles in addressing the problem. This assessment will help you recognize the value of psychology, the value of supporting your claims with established views and research, and how psychology can be applied to personal situations.

Prompt: For this milestone, you will select two of the provided sources related to the problem you described in Milestone One and summarize and evaluate each. The summary will identify fundamental underlying concepts of psychology present in the source. Additionally, you will evaluate the source according to the ethical guidelines of psychology. For each source, you will write two to three paragraphs and follow APA style with a reference page.

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

I. Getting Started: In this part of the assessment, you will explore the research you have encountered in this course and that you have selected to determine the credibility of the research and how the research aligns with the ethical guidelines of psychology. Your exploration of the research in this section of the assessment will help inform the decisions you make about your action plan and help you consider the value of credibility and following ethical guidelines in research.

  1. Select research from the provided resources that will support your plan and explain how the research is credible.
  2. Explain how you discerned the credibility of the research provided.
  3. Discuss how using credible evidence will support your action plan.
  4. Explain how the research aligns with fundamental theories discussed in the course.
  5. Describe how the research aligns with the ethical guidelines of psychology.

Here are the provided resources. PLEASE use only these and CITE CITE CITE and reference.…


Attached is a rubric as well as my rough draft, it is missing lots of information specifically about the ethics and needs lots of revisions.