Proposal for future or natural disasters in New Orleans

The proposal topic is( how the population of New Orleans are preparing for future or natural disasters)..

This should be a ‘proposal ready’ review of the literature, defining why you think the study is important, and defending the choices, you have made (intend to make) in the design and analysis of your data.

A key component of a research proposal is a review of the literature. You need to establish what is known and what is unknown about the chosen topic. This review and citations of the literature related to your methods are required.

This personal search, reading, and analysis of the current literature are demonstrated through the literature review section of the final proposal.

This should generally be of adequate length to demonstrate your critical analysis and synthesis (conclusions) of a minimum of 10 references, with an additional attached page of the references. This should be written as a cohesive paper that integrates and discusses the relevant literature that you have collected and reviewed. This component should be in APA style and be ‘publication ready’