Political Science Essay and Dicussion Post

Protecting civil rights in a democratic society is essential. There has been a long and continuing struggle to achieve equality in America. There has been great progress but perhaps there is more to be accomplished. The recent anniversary of the march in Selma, Alabama brings many of these issues to light.

Essay Question (400 words):Since the 1960s, civil rights protection has expanded well beyond racial discrimination as evidenced by Jim Crow segregation and the subsequent fight for equal protection of the law for all.

What others groups in America were inspired by the Civil Rights Movement seeking protections and equal treatment under the law? What have been some of the notable effects of this “universalization of civil rights” as explained in the Chapter? Examine some (if any) of the differences between protections against racial discrimination and other types of discrimination such as those based on gender or other characteristics as the United States Supreme Court just recently decided regarding marriage rights under the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution.