Polish Album Cover Color Deconstruction

Look through the Polish album covers in this Flickr set (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..

  1. First, find one that you like. Ignore the other visual elements (type, photographs, etc.) and just focus on the color. Save your poster to your desktop.
  2. Next, Visit this Sherwin Williams paint color site (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. Find paint color swatches that match the colors in your album. Screenshot them and record the color name/numbers.
    Pro-tip: hold the swatches up to what you’re trying to match and squint your eyes. If they blur together, you’ve found a match.
  3. Next, write a brief one-paragraph description of the colors you’ve found.
    Use as many terms from the lectures as possible (“warm/cold”, “saturation”, etc.).
  4. Then, find a contemporary artist’s song that you think could use these same colors in a new album you could design. Justify this decision in one additional paragraph. Be sure to map the feelings of the colors to the feelings of the song.
  5. Finally, add the paragraphs in the discussion board.
    1. Include the picture files of the album cover and the paint swatches

In the end, you’ll have:

  • One paragraph identifying the feel of the colors.
  • One paragraph identifying the artist and album/song, the feel of that album/song, and how the colors map to the feelings of the song.
  • Your polish album cover and swatch images

Remember, just as we justified our solutions by the research, we justify all design decisions based on the underlying content that we’re trying to reinforce. So, whatever feelings the contemporary artist evokes should be reflected in the color choices you make.