Organizational Communication Case Study Paper and Powerpoint


Assignment: The issues will be chosen via the required course textbook. The students will read the case study and research scholarly communication articles to provide support for their suggested solution. You will submit a report for a case study that outlines the research and provides a plan for the solution and explain the report to the class in a creative format. You are expected to utilize appropriate college level research skills for this assignment.

PAPER (1-2pages double spaced)

You should use standard class formatting (TNR, 12 pt font, double spaced, 1” margins). Report should include a cover page and the content should be organized by three section headings: Introduction, Problem, and Solution sections. Information to include in each section follows:

  • Introduction: include a brief explanation of the reasoning for choosing the case study (i.e. how it aligns with your interests); a thesis statement about organizational communication; and a preview statement of the following paragraphs. ___3
  • Problem: include a brief description of the case study; an explanation of the problem(s) from a communication perspective; and include a minimum of 3 course concepts. ___5
  • Solution: include a brief explanation of your solution; include a minimum of 3 scholarly communication articles that support your solution or provide a rationale for your solution; and demonstrate the benefit of the solution. ___7


You should explain their proposed solution to the case study and provide reasoning for their solution. Students should include the class in their explanation/activity, but they are not limited to the style of interaction utilized. I need a powerpoint about the case study. Be sure to include creative pictures, slides explaining the case study, slides explaining the solutions of the case study, 3 course concepts, and a creative way of including class members to interact with each other (questions, videos, TedTalk).

POWERPOINT needs to have about 7-12 slides

Organizational Communication in an Age of Globalization by George Cheney (Second Edition) is the second book.

  • Explained/highlighted important aspects of the case study ___1
  • Provided a solution supported with clear reasoning ___2
  • Involved the class in a creative way ___2

In short, choose one; decide on a solution/outcome/resolution that is supported by research; present the case study to the class in a creative way (e.g. activity, TEDtalk, game, other). You are not restricted on your creative approach.