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My all-time favorite place to eat is The Olive Garden. I enjoy the family ambiance and you can’t beat the prices. I bring my family and they also enjoy the food, especially the bread sticks. It is an American-based restaurant that features Italian-American cuisine. Olive Garden began in 1982 in Orlando, Florida, under the food chain of General Mills. The Olive Garden features restaurants all over the United States. There are approximately 856 restaurants now in North America alone. (Myers 2016) Unlike most chain restaurants, The Olive Garden started with one independently owned restaurant that took off and grew organically over the years. The Olive Garden was created with the intention of becoming a major chain. Eventually, General Mills surrendered its restaurants to Darden Restaurants. (Guingrich 2019), at Olive Garden, our team members serve as the faces of our brand and ambassadors of our core values. They make an impression on every guest who walks through our front doors, delivering great food, an engaging atmosphere and unmatched service. Managers serve food as well as the waiters. The managerial team at the Olive Garden are multi-taskers. They do not only take on supervising but they also wait on patrons. No job is too menial when you take on the role of a leader. (Ashlin 2018), shaping or changing the culture of a larger organization can be more challenging. Within a large organization, “sub-cultures” can exist and indeed, thrive. (Llopis 2014), An employee’s success, the lens they see through, the decisions they make and how they navigate their careers are heavily influenced by the types of leaders they are able to observe and learn from. Setting an example is an overall success for any organization. (Ashlin 2018), in most situations, though, culture and leadership are two sides of the same coin. The concepts and practices of each are co-dependent and affect each other. Culture, though, can be a nebulous concept. Many well-intentioned and savvy leaders struggle to get the arms around it and end up frustrated in their attempts to bring about culture change.