NewCo aviation Marketing Plan

Purpose of Assignment: To develop a customized Marketing Plan and Business Model for the assigned project below(NewCo.). Using the materials provided below you should:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the company, its mission, objectives and goals, product lines, and current markets
  • Develop entrepreneurial marketing strategies and an overall plan. These may or may not be consistent with the company’s current strategy but should be innovative and forward thinking
  • Develop at least 2 marketing inventions and 1 creative hands-on project addressing strategic needs of the company (Please be creative here)

Assignment Components: Use the Entrepreneurial Marketing Plan approach outlined in Chapter 11 of ‘Marketing for Entrepreneurs’ including at minimum: (NOTE: I’ll provide the username and pass to Kindle reader once you accept the order.)

Situation Overview – Outline the organization and reasons for developing the Entrepreneurial Marketing Plan including:

  • Company Mission, Objectives, Key Goals
  • Key Issues currently facing the company
  • Customer ‘Pain and Gain’ points you feel company should address
  • Product Line summary
  • Current Customers and Markets
  • Primary Competitors

Research Plan

  • Choose one issue to reseach, analyze and summarize key learning

Marketing Strategies

  • Based on your analysis, recommend specific marketing strategies
  • How do your marketing strategies fit with the organization’s overall objectives?

Marketing Positioning

  • Recommend a Marketing Positioning and Value Proposition for your company
  • Describe how the organization adds value for it’s target market, to its partners, channels, employees and other stakeholders
  • What is the impact of this business on the environment and its competition?

Target Market

  • Define the target market including creating a segmentation analysis and provide justification for your target selection
  • Estimate the size of your target market
  • Include any primary and secondary market research/recommendations

Marketing Mix Tactics

  • Product
    • Describe the product or service that will be marketed.
    • How is the company’s product line innovative and different from competitor’s offerings?
  • Price
    • How will you determine an appropriate price, what it is and why is it appropriate?
    • How does it support profitability and sustainability?
    • Explain how the pricing structure is innovative
  • Distribution
    • Provide a recommendation on distribution channel and transportation choices and in what ways it may be innovative from traditional channels
  • Promotion
    • Recommend tactics and how they help the organization achieve its objectives?
      • This is an area that can be innovative including new media such as social media, web, technology, etc.
    • Estimate the value/effectiveness of your promotional choices
    • Develop 2 marketing inventions for the firm.
      • An invention is defined as a unique and innovative approach to an element of the marketing mix. For example, it could be a new approach to pricing or a different method for distribution, etc.
    • Develop 1 creative hands-on project relevant to the new venture. This might be a web site design, shooting an infomercial, creating a promotional literature package, a trade show display or other creative innovation.

Business Model

  • Create a comprehensive Canvas 9-Box model for your business and identify which Business Model Pattern (form the text) you feel is closest to your company’s
  • Financial Assessment
    • Provide a high-level overview of your margin and profit potential over a 5-year period based on your proposed strategies
    • What are the primary selling points to investors for this company? What do you anticipate their reasons for interest and potential objections might be?
    • Why do you believe the company’s business model is sustainable under foreseeable economic conditions?
    • Demonstrate how your marketing strategy is a strategic fit with the identified Business Model for the organization

“Deep Dive” Initiative

  • Working with your new venture entrepreneur (and instructor), identify, execute and summarize a specific initiative critical to the company

Executive Summary: Provide a brief overview of key issues, objectives, recommended strategies

Presenting the Assignment

  • Assignment Format
    • Write a formal report to the founder/management team (and your instructor) and create a professional PowerPoint presentation (10-minute maximum). The formal written report will be professional in appearance and content and will be documented with proper citations/references.
  • Assignment Length. The report should be 12-15 pp. in length, not including any tables and appendices; don’t exceed the maximum length for this assignment.
  • Assignment Format. Use Times New Roman, 12 point font, 1 inch margins, double-spaced in a Word document.

Let me know if you have any questions!