Need to answer 4 questions about (3D Printing)

Please answer the following 4 question regarding 3D Printing


  1. Describe the technology and where it is in its maturity? Relatively new, more mature, very mature/robust, etc. Please elaborate on your answer.
  2. What are the key barriers that must be addressed to be successful and/or that have been addressed in more mature/successful technologies?
  3. Explain the marketplace targeted currently or in the future – more of a consumer based technology or better targeted at industry (Financial, Manufacturing, Healthcare, etc.).
  4. Include your opinion on where you believe the technology will be in 5 years (will be successful/failure or will become successful). Be sure to justify your response with research and references on why you believe it to be true.

* Please remember that you will need to cite the sources properly both in-text and at the end of your document. APA style of formatting is preferred.