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When you submit a forum posting, be sure to use the “CAPCON SYSTEM,” described below

Your forum grades depend on how well you learn and show you’ve learned CONCEPTS introduced in your textbook. To do this you must use the CAPCON system for all assignments. Whenever you are applying a TEXTBOOK CONCEPT, type it in ALL CAPS. Also, whenever you apply a TEXTBOOK CONCEPT, don’t just “name drop” it. That is, don’t just state the concept. You have to explain what the concept is and how it applies. Be sure to note the video you are discussing.


I saw the video on an astrologer reading someone’s personality. It was so fake I could tell he was making it up!


VIDEO VIEWED: This is a review of Jon Smith’s video on Astrology. Mr. Smith, the astrologer, claimed to use his client’s horoscope to predict that “something good will happen in the future” and that the client “recently had an accident.” In term of the textbook, the astrologer’s reading use using two tricks: VAGUE READINGS that can be interpreted in any way, and UNIVERSAL FACTS that apply to nearly everyone (nearly everyone has had a recent accident, even a small one.”


Everyone experiences coincidences. Some are big, other small. Can you think of a coinciden e (or simply an oddity) you have experienced? If not, ask a friend or relative.

In your posting:

  • Describe the coincidence (or oddity)
  • Present a paranormal explanation.
  • Describe how an open-minded skeptic might interpret the coincidence.


Here’s my coincidence. This week I was wondering how great my life would be if I won the lottery. I buy a ticket every week. When I purchased my ticket this week I won $1,000! This felt really strange and wonderful. I think I may have some ability to see into the future. My alternative explanation is that maybe I have some power to affect lottery numbers.


Here’s my coincidence. Here’s my coincidence. This week I was wondering how great my life would be if I won the lottery. I buy a ticket every week. When I purchased my ticket this week I won $1,000! This felt really strange and wonderful.

PARANORMAL INTERPRETATION: I can see into the future and predict what is going to happen.

OPEN MINDED CRITICAL THINKER INTERPRETATION. I’ve been buying lottery tickets every week for decades. Of course, I have fantasies about how great it would be to win when I buy a ticket. By chance alone I eventually win. Since I always have winning fantasies before buying, I had such a fantasy before buying this ticket. Nothing paranormal going on.

EXTRA CREDIT (5 points). Select a coincidence shared by a classmate. Without getting judgmental, suggest how an open-minded skeptic might explain the coincidence. You don’t have to agree with what the skeptic might say. Simply try to imagine what they might say.

two classmates that I need response for !

li Brown



COINICIDENCE: My coincidence isn’t one of my own, but of a co-worker. About a month ago she came into work and told me she had the strangest dream about running into her ex-boyfriend. Later that weekend, she went out to the bar with a few of her friends. She ran into her ex-boyfriend at the bar who she hasn’t seen since they broke up over half a year ago.

PARANORMAL INTERPRETATION: My coworker has prophetic dreams. She can see into the future through her dreams. My coworker has psychic powers. She can foretell and predict for the future.

OPEN MINDED CRITICAL THINKER INTERPRETATION: Her and her ex-boyfriend have similar tastes in bars, so it was only a matter of time before they both showed up at the same bar. Also, most people have about 250 dreams a night, while we don’t remember them all, by chance alone we are bound to coincidentally precede some remarkable event. The text states for every one dream that comes true, there are billions that do not.

achel Schroeder



HERE’S MY COINCIDENCE: For as long as I can remember, people (even strangers) have come up to talk to me and tell me their deepest secrets, and problems and ask me for my opinion and advice. This weekend, when my friends and I went out for St. Patrick’s Day, several people that I just met, told me a bunch of private, sensitive information about themselves and wanted my advice. It almost felt like I was still at work, like they knew I was training to be a therapist. It was uncanny.

PARANORMAL INTERPRETATION: I give off an energy that attracts those in need.

OPEN MINDED CRITICAL THINKER INTERPRETATION: I do tend to smile at people and ask how they are doing. I think I likely appear friendly and approachable. I’d imagine I was probably guilty of CONFIRMATION BIAS, and merely looking for situations that proved my theory. It is more likely that since we were in a crowded bar and many of the people were drinking all day, they were “over-sharing” with everyone this weekend. It is also possible that I was being more sociable with those around me and offered my advice and/or opinion even if I was never asked for it.