Narrative Essay ( 400 words)

I did my first draft (819 words) I need you to extend my paper to at least 1,200 words

I attached my first draft and the instructions

Narrative Essay

This writing assignment is an opportunity to practice a narrative style of writing that not only tells a story, but also expresses your concerns and makes a persuasive point using the techniques of narration.


Your topic for this essay should be an unresolved issue that is of personal concern to you and that has affected your life or the lives of people you are concerned about. The topic should also be of wide enough concern that there is public discourse around it.

Write a 1200 words narrative essay in which you use your personal experience and your knowledge of the public discourse around the issue to elaborate on how it affects people and your concerns about it. You will want the bulk of your essay to be the telling of the story itself in such a way that your message comes through in the recounting of the events involved. In addition, you will probably at certain points feel the need to write some commentary (which can range in length from a brief aside to entire paragraphs) to help explain and ideally strengthen the message you want your story to convey to your readers.


The first draft should be a minimum of 700 words.

The second and final drafts should be a minimum of 1200 words.