Moral development: The Lives of Others’ movie Essay

Film Analysis #1

The Lives of Others

Please choose one (1) of the following questions to respond to in your 3 page review of the film

The Lives of Others


. These essays should be

typed in 12 point font, double-spaced, and be well organized (i.e. they should have an

introduction, a well developed body, and a conclusion). Please use parenthetical references for

your citations (author, page #). Be sure to check for spelling and grammar; and include page

numbers and a cover page.

Prompt #1

Kohlberg discusses six stages of moral development. Drawing support from the text, write a

paper which describes the moral transformation/development of the Stasi agent Wiesler—which

we witness in the film—in light of Kohlberg’s theory. Be sure to explain which stages of moral

development Wiesler operated at in various parts of the film, and provide evidence in support of

your choices here (to do this it is necessary that you both describe the stage as Kohlberg

understands it, and also explain why Wiesler, at some given point and time, fits into that stage).

Finally, explain what caused Wiesler’s moral development to unfold the way it did.

Prompt #2

Provide an analysis of Christa-Maria’s character in light of the moral development literature we

read for this class. Can Kohlberg’s theory accurately capture her behavior/decisions in the film?

If so, how? If not, why? Can Gilligan’s and/or Pollit’s writing shed more light on her choices?

Be sure to draw explicitly from the relevant texts as well as specific points in the film in forming

your analysis.