Metadata and Word Processing Features

Metadata and Word Processing Features

Topic 1: Metadata

Your supervising attorney receives an e-mail from opposing counsel containing a settlement agreement. The document is quite short, so the attorney wonders how long it took to draft it. The attorney clicks on the properties tab and sees the document was open on opposing counsel’s computer for 3 hours. The attorney opens the metadata scrubber utility on his computer. In a few moments, he is reviewing the revision history of the document. It looks like several documents were combined and then a lot of deletions were made at the end. The attorney pulls up a large block of deleted text and begins to read, “Notes: client is desperate to recover anything and not face damaging publicity if she receives nothing at trial. Offer $300K but get it settled before the end of the month no matter what.” The attorney wonders what he should do with this new information.

Please answer the following questions with supporting information from bar association’s ethics opinions, rules, and/or guidelines:

  1. Was it appropriate for the attorney to examine the document’s metadata?
  2. Is the attorney required to either disregard the document with metadata or reveal the discovery to opposing counsel immediately? Why or why not?
  3. What does your state bar say about Metadata?

Make sure to use the readings below to answer the above questions. Once you have answered the questions respond to at least three of your classmates.

Source: Moinuddin, A. (2014). Metadata 101 for Lawyers. Attorney at Work. Retrieved from

Source: American Bar Association. Metadata Ethics Opinions Around the U.S. Retrieved from…

Topic 2: Word Processing Features

Starting from a template, prepare a flyer or pamphlet in Microsoft Word about how to engage security features in that program. Add security features to your Word document, save the file to your computer and upload it as an attachment to your post. Be sure to provide instructions on how to unlock the security features and state which version of Word you used to create your document.

Be sure to indicate which version of Word you used to create your document. Documents created with the most recent version of Word (2013) are not always viewable in older versions of the program. It is possible to save your document in the older version of the program, but sometimes some of your formatting may be lost if you do this