Marginalization At Various Levels Of Society English Assignment Help

Here are the two questions. A Draft outline has to be made for both of the questions but only one question has to be completed after professor chooses which outline is better.


3) To be “marginalized” means to occupy a space within society that is decidedly outside of the mainstream and/or outside of normal (political) consideration. “Marginalization” often implies that people do not have the same access to resources, or are under represented in the media, do not have adequate governmental representation, etc. The essays by Susan Sontag, Sarah Kurchak, Denise Balkissoon, Margaret Laurence, Daniel Heath Justice, and Binyavanga Wainaina all depict “marginalized” individuals in different ways. Select two or three of these essays to make a larger point about “marginalization.”

4) Select any two to three essayists that we have read this term and explain how and why they use similar writing strategies (style, tone, humour, etc.) to make very different appeals (character, emotion, logic) to their audience (or, to different ends in another manner).


-Please remember that the midterm is an individual assignment that must represent each student’s unique work and opinion.

-You are welcome to use material from lecture without citing it; however, any other material that is referenced must credit its source. Citation must be in MLA or APA.

-Additional research (anything beyond reading back over the essays and course notes) is absolutely, 100% not necessary to fully succeed in this assignment.

Essay structure: Students should aim to go beyond summarizing texts or providing a list of general observations. In other words, student essays should have a clear and arguable thesis that structures their ensuing body paragraphs. For this midterm, I recommend that students write their essays in the standard four-to-five-paragraph model: a short introduction that quickly introduces your argument; two or three body paragraphs that each elaborate (clearly and fully) on one main idea; and a short conclusion. Students can earn full marks with either two or three body paragraphs, and the best essays will provide a clear and arguable thesis statement and will have a cohesive and logical essay structure.

Evaluation: The essay will be evaluated according to the following criteria: insight and originality of the central argument/thesis; logic and execution of essay organization and structure / coherence and cohesion of body paragraphs; and clarity of writing and writing style.

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