Management Midterm Exam Essay Format

Please answer each of the below questions in essay format. Your answer should be at least two pages long in normal type, but there is no word limit. Please provide at least ten different points for each answer. Please provide long enough and complete enough answers so that I can adequately assess your understanding of the questions and the subject matter. You must answer in your own words. The test is open book. You will be provided a higher grade for complete, well thought out and detailed answers. Answers that are short and only in list form, without discussion will not receive a high grade.

NOTE: It is recommended to save your work often if you are using the Text Entry or Text Box method of submitting the exam paper. Your work will be lost if you lose internet connection while typing text in the Text Entry. I recommend uploading a Word document or PDF format from your desktop.

Exam 1:

International growth through mergers and acquisitions with companies based outside of the United States involves careful planning, analysis, deal structure, and post merger and acquisition integration.

What are the factors that would result in a merger or acquisition being more likely to be successful rather than not?

What are the principal risks that an acquiring company may experience in undertaking a merger or acquisition with a company based outside of the United States that are not present in a domestic one? Concepts such as cultural, political and other risks should be discussed.