Logical Fallacies Narrative Paper

Logical Fallacies Narrative Paper Prompt

Logical fallacies are mistakes or deliberate distortions of logic. They result from muddled thinking, ignorance, or a deliberate attempt to deceive. They should be avoided by good writers, and we should be able to identify them when they are used by others.

After reading the logic handout located under Files, think back over situations you’ve been in and conversations with others. Think particularly about situations that have seemed unfair or nonsensical.

In a paper which is at least 4 pages of text in MLA format, write a series of short narratives (or one long one) where you describe three events and/or conversations, describe why they might represent logical fallacies, and what logical fallacies you think they represent. The analysis of the events can happen while you tell the story or afterward.

Make sure you identify the fallacies by name, and clearly show how your experience corresponds in some way with the categories of fallacies we’ve covered.

Cautions: It is acceptable to talk about events in popular culture that you experienced and believe to represent logical fallacies, but please keep in mind that the original assignment (above) is designed to reduce the temptation to commit plagiarism. This being the case, please be scrupulous in identifying both direct and indirect quotes, and provide a Works Cited page for any resources used. It is not acceptable to use events which have already been analyzed as fallacies by someone else as your examples.