?Literary Criticism: The Storm essay

Literary Criticism

For this assignment, you will choose a work that we have read and analyze it in relation to a specific type of literary criticism. Because formalism is used for the first essay, you may not use formalist or New Criticism. Other options include Feminist Criticism, Marxist Criticism, or any of the other types of literary criticism mentioned in the course resources.

Length: 3 to 5 pages, MLA, 12 pt. Times New Roman font, 1 inch margins, double spaced.

Resources needed: At least 3 sources. One will be the work; one will be a reference to the critical theory. The additional sources will support your connection of the work and the theory. They must be scholarly.

Structure: following the suggested format will organize the essay.

Introduction: provides the name of the work, author, and theory with a thesis at the end the provides an opinion about the work in relation to the theory and an overview of how that opinion will be supported.

Body paragraphs:

Summary of the work

Summary of the theory

Evidence to support your claim about the work in relation to the theory