Leadership Self-Assessment

The Leadership Self-Assessment Quizzes are an important component of the Written Exercise for this module. The quizzes are intended to reveal certain personality traits and leadership behaviors that you may not be fully aware of. By no means are these quizzes regarded as “all knowing” of your leadership skills, and thus the results should not be taken as the end, but rather as the beginning, of the self-assessment process. You are expected to critically analyze the results and not just accept them at face value.

Take the following Leadership Self-Assessment Quizzes in the text:

•Leadership Self-Assessment Quiz 13-1:Are You a Strategic Thinker?

•Leadership Self-Assessment Quiz 13-2:My Attitudes toward Sharing Knowledge

•Leadership Self-Assessment Quiz 14-1:Charting Your Cultural Value Profile

•Leadership Self-Assessment Quiz 14-2:My Tolerance for Cultural Differences

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Written Exercise 7

Self-Assessment Report /Leadership Skill-Building Exercises

(Part 7 of Leadership Portfolio Project)

Continue organizing your Course Project (Leadership Self-Reflection Portfolio) by completing LeadershipSkill-Building Exercises13-4 and 14-3.

Submit a written report (not to exceed 1,000 words) that covers both of the portfolio building leadership skill-building exercises. The report should also incorporate your findings and conclusions from the self-assessment quizzes in this module, and from personal reflection.