IVC Wind Symphony Orchestra Concert Report Reflection Essay

IVC Wind Symphony in Concert

Concert Report Format

Introduction (10% in length and value)

Briefly identify the concert. Who performed? What pieces were performed? Where was it performed? Briefly describe the performance space, physical surroundings, and the appearance of the performers.

Objective Description of the Music (30% in length and value)

Describe instrumentation, dynamics, texture, rhythm and tempo, form & relationships between movements, principles of design in the compositions, etc. –– Note extremes or what is most striking. How do these elements work together?

Subjective Reactions to the Music (50% in length and value)

Did you like individual pieces? Did you have emotional reactions to any particular piece? Why did you react the way you did? Was it in the composition or the performance or both? What held your attention? Did your mood change in the course of the concert? Was the concert full of variety or was it all more or less the same? Could the performance be better? How? Could the selection of compositions performed have been more to your taste? Was this a familiar or a new experience? Was there a theatrical dimension to the performance? How does your concert going experience compare to those discussed in the Alex Ross “Why So Serious?” article?

Conclusion (10% in value)

Did you like or dislike the experience overall?

Try to use the terms we learned in the class. do not use outside sources. all the work should be original.

(the concert introduction and class has attached )