INT 700 SNHU Venturing Beyond the Clogs: Crocs Case Study

Review the Case Study Introduction for Crocs. Then, research the current business situation at Crocs and take a deep dive into its strategic and financial performance at the domestic and global levels. As you conduct your research on Crocs and the global footwear industry’s dynamics, you may wish to consider areas such as the consistency of Crocs’s performance over time, the role of global markets versus domestic ones, Crocs’s product line management, what is changing about the global footwear industry and retailing industry at large, and the sustainability of Crocs’s capabilities versus those of its rivals.

To best research and prepare your case analysis, utilize the Case Analysis Write-Up Guide and Common Mistakes resources located in the Resources tab.

To complete this assignment, review the Case Study Guidelines and Rubric document. When you have finished your work, submit the assignment here for grading and instructor feedback.