INF630 Ashford Wk 6 System Analysis Programmers Interactive Assignment

Effectively Communicating the Message: Who Is the Target Audience?

Before beginning this assignment, read the lecture, and the materials identified in the required resources section. For the final interactive assignment in this course, you will prepare a short presentation for two separate stakeholder audiences to whom you will need to communicate your proposed solution to CWI’s business problem.

Narrate a short presentation (one to three slides), and explain the changes and differences to the two audiences. Provide the information each audience needs and/or expects. Identify the stakeholder audience you are addressing. Then, post two separate audio files of no more than two minutes long—one for each audience—which delivers a synopsis of your proposed solution tailored for that stakeholder audience. Post the slides that you will use when you present to each audience.

Guided Response: Review several of your peers’ short audio narrated presentations. You will take on the stakeholder roles your peers have chosen to address in each audio narrated presentation. Evaluate the material your peers are presenting as if you are a member of that stakeholder audience. You will be evaluated on the interaction with your peers and the depth of the feedback you provide to your peers.

Provide constructive feedback to at least two of your peers on the following five areas for each of your peers’ stakeholder presentations:

  • The accuracy of the business problem.
  • The logic and clarity of the presentation viewed from the role of the specified stakeholder.
  • The appropriateness of the information for the audience about the proposed solution.
  • The appropriate level of detail about other stakeholder areas related to the target audience.
  • The clarity and appropriateness of the diagrams/visualizations for the audience.