Important of Folic Acid

This assignment should be written as a 4-6 page scholarly paper excluding title page and references (do not just provide an outline). APA form and style are expected to be followed, including the correct use of in-text citations and references

RESEARCH QUESTION: What is the association between folic acid supplementation and occurrence of neural tube disorders (NTDs) between women ages 20-35

  • Background (one page maximum)
    • Statistics and information about the health outcome/disease(s)
    • Statistics and information about the exposure/risk factor(s)
    • Brief discussion of possible connection between exposure(s) and outcome(s) and justification for the study
  • Target population and sample size
    • Description of target population and sample
      • Inclusion and exclusion criteria
      • The sampling strategy to be used
    • Sample size considerations (how large of a sample do you need and why)
  • Recruitment (primary data collection) or data selection (secondary data) strategies
    • If collecting your own data, describe:
      • How you will find and contact potential participants (where, when, with what method)
      • The type of data collection method to be used (e.g., online survey)
      • How many times participants will be contacted and by what method
    • If using secondary data (an existing database), describe:
      • The procedures used for recruitment, participation, and data collection by the owners of the database (i.e., how were the data in the database collected?)
      • How you will gain access to the dataset
  • Selection biases
    • Description of potential selection bias concerns (i.e., how representative your sample will be of the larger population)
    • Discussion of strategies you will use to minimize selection bias in your study