Ideas and American Foreign Policy on Security discussion

the reading is Bacevich, Andrew (ed.) Ideas and American Foreign Policy (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

In approximately 500-750 words, write an op-ed that uses at least one thinker from Ideas and American Foreign Policy to highlight what the United States should do regarding a contemporary foreign policy debate. You can focus on a major crisis or controversy, or on a small, narrow issue of foreign policy.

Any theme related to foreign policy or national security will be permitted: human rights, trade, climate change, nuclear proliferation, Brexit, etc., etc., etc. The only requirement is that you must focus on the United States as your primary vehicle for policy (i.e., you cannot write what the UK, France, Japan, or any other nation should do). You make direct your persuasive efforts to any subset of the American electorate (Policy-makers in Washington, voters in your hometown, , etc.). But do keep in mind that whoever your audience should affect the form and structure of your op-ed.

Below are some tips and resources for thinking through how to write an op-ed. But let me add a brief summary of what you should aim to accomplish:

  1. Short paragraphs of approximately 100 words (give or take a few words).
  2. Clear, actionable policy position that can be realistically achieved in a short period of time (i.e., no 5 or 10 year goals. Think 2-6 months).
  3. About 2/3 of the way through your argument, consider objections, take them seriously, and offer a reasonable and thoughtful rejoinder.

Because this is an op-ed, you will not include a works cited. You will, however, briefly mention authors and their works in-line. Do not include Ideas and American Foreign Policy as a citation. Rather, mention someone we read and the title of their work as the citation.

E.g., As John Winthrop, in “A model of Christian Charity,” writes…

E.g., Andrew Carnegie’s “Americanism versus Imperialism” reminds us that…

Assistance on Op-Eds

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