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In the modern business world, everywhere organizations are facing competition due to the extensive development of technologies and innovations in all the areas. To gain the potential advantage, organizations are taking the forward moves and changing the infrastructure of business to meet the latest business trends. In such era, E-commerce and mobile technologies are gaining the significant importance in the business. Hence organizations are looking forward to hire the professionals who can work on the E-commerce and mobile technologies.

With the increasing needs of e-commerce industries, organizations are looking ahead to have an online stores where they can make the transactions online without maintaining the physical stores. Organizations can get the huge benefits of having e-commerce, they can sell wide range of products and services online and target the business market across the world to gain the huge visibility. E- commerce provides the comprehensive benefits to retailers and merchants to sustain in the highly competition world.

Mobile technologies revolutionised e commerce industry in the recent years. One of the greatest and key aspects of the e commerce is mobile technologies which supports the 24/7 services with the huge flexibility and adoptability. Online users can easily make the online transactions without any limitations and buy the products online to fulfil the basic needs. Mobile technologies improves the e-commerce conversion rates without requirements of facing huge traffics. If organizations have e-commerce sites they easily make the huge revenues for the business.

E-commerce and mobile technologies have the following benefits to the organizations:

· Organizations can save the advertising and marketing cost

· Eliminate the travelling cost

· Boost up brand awareness and visibility

· Organizations can sell the products across the world

· No need to manage inventory

For effective business transactions, e-commerce retailers can easily keep an eye on consumers and their preferences to make the huge revenues for the business.