HPRS 2300 Discussion 3

  1. What health problems may result from untreated hypertension?
  2. Which group of Americans is at greatest risk of acquiring hypertension; why?
  3. Retrieve the Legal Eagle Eye Newsletter for Nursing Profession and read the Court case entitled “Asthmatic Pediatric Patient: Court Upholds Jury’s Verdict Finding Nursing Negligence“. Answer the following questions:
    1. Medication importance: Why were the two medications (albuterol and corticosteroid) given? How do they work?
    2. What are some common side effects that patients taking albuterol would need to know about?
    3. What were the negligent actions of the hospital staff?
    4. What would you have done differently?
  4. Click here to review the Joint Commission’s National Patient Safety Goals (NPSG). Answer the following questions:
    1. What is NPSG.03.05.01?
    2. What is the rationale for NPSG.03.05.01?
    3. According to the Elements of Performance for NPSG.03.05.01, Patient/resident/family education should include which topics?

Discussion Boards Requirements:

  • Complete a write-up thoroughly addressing the topics/questions for each discussion board.
  • Utilize the provided text box for all submissions. Do not submit your work as an attachment.
  • Each initial posting must be a minimum of 200 words in length, that does not include the questions.
  • No portion of the discussion topic/questions will be included in the minimum length requirement. Only the student’s response to the topics/questions will be counted.
  • Neither your required text nor any instructor provided materials (PowerPoints, handouts, websites, etc.) will be accepted as references. Wikipedia and WebMD are not acceptable references.
  • References should provide a direct link to the information utilized and be cited within the write-up.
  • Discussion boards are required and graded activities due before 11:59 pm CST on specific due dates posted in the Schedule of Assignments.
  • Late submissions will not be accepted.

Discussion Board Grade Components


Possible Points

Content is relevant and fully addresses each topic/question.


Follows directions provided; posts meet length requirements.


Utilizes at least one acceptable reference that is not a textbook or instructor provided materials.


Grammar, punctuation, and formatting are appropriate.


Respond to 2 peer posts/responses add to the discussion and meet length requirement.