History Term Paper

primary source: dr. Sundar Singh

formatting instructions : 12 font times new roman , pages numbered, document analysis must contain properly formatted footnotes(CMS) and contain a separate page of bibliography. length 800-1000words double spaced (4-5 pages).

how the document affects the identity formation of the collective self both past and present.

to develop a historical empathy of historical events, individuals and the circumstances in which they exist

to analyze the document in history to comprehend the meaning of trauma and the cultural constructions of memories.

to combine your research knowledge of a document analysis and secondary sources to gain historical context and relevance

Questions for reflection: how do memories of national trauma remain relevant to culture and society long after the event?

how can historians rewrite national histories to avoid a selective interpretation of the past?

Focus Question: what does the given document convey about historical trauma an the crippling limitations of achieving an ideal democratic Canadian nation?

Use APHARTS guide to document analyses

use one secondary source from library and essay structure should be in introduction, body, conclusion.

The language of the essay should be moderate and easy to understand the point.