HIST 1111 GHC Mongol Conquests and Crusades discussion


Unit 9 Essay

Choose one of the following topics. As usual, remember to cite your sources! Refer to the Guidelines for Writing Essays found in your course syllabus.

  1. In this unit, we’ve encountered both the Mongol Conquests and also the Crusades. In an essay of 800 to 900 words, explain briefly which of the two had the greater long-term impact on Europe and its relations with the outside world.
  1. Find at least three book reviews of Stuart J. Borsch’s The Black Death in Egypt and England: A Comparative Study. In an essay of 800 to 900 words, answer the following questions:
    1. What is Borsch’s main argument?
    2. What is Borsch’s evidence?
    3. What are some aspects Borsch’s book that reviewers have praised?
    4. What are some aspects of Borsch’s book that reviewers have criticized?
    5. Do you think that Borsch’s argument is a good one?