Environmental Paradigms Corporate Environmentalism Research Paper

This essay consist of 3 main parts

Part 1:

describe and analyze 3 different environmental paradigms

Conquest mentality, preservation/conservation, modern environmentalism, environmental justice, Bruntland sustainability, corporate environmentalism

Context: Who? What? When? Where? Why?

– Note: These are different ways of understanding humanity’s relationship with nature, explain your stance

– make an argument about which paradigm you think is most convincing

“Convincing” as far as which underlying ideology can lead to solving climate and environmental issues

– A single paradigm may not be perfect; feel free to combine elements of other paradigms to create your ideal paradigm (but make sure they don’t contradict)

Part 2 :

describe and analyze 2 different alternate worlds/proposals

– Technological fixes, free market/ corporate environmentalism, social democratic, eco-socialism

Context: Who? What? When? Where? Why? –

Cite class material! § You must cite course reading and lectures

Note: These are the practical solutions to climate change that have been proposed • make an argument about which solution(s) you think best align with your paradigm

Demonstrate how a belief in the paradigm you described in Part 1 is intrinsic to or supportive of the proposed solution.

Part 3

offer a creative solution that creates an ideal world that could solve this crisis

– Idea should be original but derived from the lessons of the class.

Not simple regurgitation of information, but an application of what you have

learned to a new solution

• Is your world different from today’s business-as-usual world?

Don’t describe a system already in place (that will presumably lead to the “Collapse of Western Civilization”) but an idea for how the world can be improved.

Please make sure you use quotation from the reading to support your claim including the page number and the author’s name

Part I: 3.5-4 pages

Part II: 1.5-2 pages

Part II: 2-3 pages

Total: 7.5-8.5 pages

These links and the attached documents are required for this essay: