ENGL110 APUS Smartphones Comparison iPhone X Max & iPhone 5s




The essay topic:

Comparing between two smartphones

( iPhone X Max & iPhone 5s )

Definition: Apple phone that’s being sold.

Discus this in the essay:

1- Phone design: where things are, what it’s made of, materials.

2- Features: storage, camera, security.

3- Performance: quality, speed, no freezing.

4- Camera: photo quality, videos, portrait, panorama, underwater photo.

5- Battery: long battery (+12h), fast charging.

6- Zoom: the quality when you zoom in.

7- Price: expansive or cheap.

8- Waterproof: take a photo under water with good quality.

9- Quality: if its fall down did not happen anything for it.

10- Color: different color to choose.

11- face ID, finger print