ENGL 236 Human Nature as Portrayed Using Animal Symbolism

Directions: Choose TWO texts from our class readings thus far. You may not select more than one text by a single author. Texts to select from: Oroonoko, Candide, Wordsworth’s poem “Lines Composed . . . ,” Blake’s poems “The Ecchoing Green” or “The Tyger,” or Keats’s poems “Ode to a Nightingale” or “To Autumn”

The essay should follow the guidelines below:

3-4 pages long

Quote at least two times from each of the selected texts

Typed, double-spaced in a font such as 12-point Times New Roman.

Page numbers in a header with your last name.

A title that is more than the title of the text you are writing about.

You do not need a cover page. Do not put the essay in a plastic folder.

The essay must analyze, not just summarize. Use examples from the text to support your focus. Discuss the relevance of the examples and draw conclusions based on your assertions. For more help with literary analysis, see the materials loaded in the Canvas Major Assignments module.

Outside research is not required and is not recommended. If you did your Research Assignment on a topic relevant to this essay, you may include quotes/paraphrases from your research, but then you must provide a Works Cited page. You do not need a Works Cited page if you are only quoting from assigned readings (either in the Longman or online).

There are the rest of the instructions in the files and there are also guidelines to follow