ENG315 WK 10 Reflection Importance and Structure of Job Application


  1. Review a guide to writing cover letters, located at https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/549/01/. Next, reflect on what you learned regarding the importance and structure of job application cover letters. Ascertain the key factors an employer may take into consideration when determining whether an applicant receives a job interview.
  2. Identify two (2) key skills that you learned during the course that you think will add to your communication effectiveness.
  3. Think about your goal established in Week 5’s discussion. How well did you progress towards achieving that goal? What additional work must you do to achieve or expand that goal?



RE: Week 10 | Discussion

Over the past 9 weeks I have learned a great deal of how to effectively communicate via virtual outlets by focusing on my target audience. As I continue to grow within my professional life, I will continually implement the format vs. audience skill and when deductive or inductive reasoning should be used.

Some weeks ago we discussed the importance of choosing the right communication format based on your audience. This is a very important skill because if you don’t know your audience then the information you present can be counter-productive. Now, once you’ve determined your audience and format it is now time to determine if your delivery is going to have the deductive reasoning approach or the inductive reasoning approach. These are skills that I have an understanding of since taking this course.

Learning these skills and others, I’m reminded of the goal that I set pertaining to communicating my discomforts, providing information, and considering the recipients of my message. To maintain my goal, I must not be in a rush to get the message out but instead, evaluate my delivery to make sure that it is conducive to my end goal that the message resonates to the audience.