ENG1301 DCCCD Comparing Forms Of Art Maus & How I Met Your Mother

DA: Blog — The Proof Lies in the Plot Line

For the second essay, you will compare Maus to another story that at first seems vastly similar, but that shares, upon closer examination, significant similarities. In order to find such an example, you will want to look more at themes like persecution, discrimination, or dehumanization and find a story from a different genre that also examines those.

An example using two different stories would be Harry Potter and Pippi Longstocking. The first is a story about a wizard for young readers and adults, while Pippi Longstocking is about a unique girl written for audiences of maybe 6-9-year-old girls. And yet the stories share quite a few similarities:

  • both protagonists are orphaned and have friends who take the place of family
  • both protagonists are financially secure due to inheritance, which allows them to make certain choices
  • both have an identifying physical characteristic
  • both have superpowers
  • both stand up for the little guy (and gal)

For this blog, share one or two ideas for stories that are very different from Maus I — they can be movies, books, video games, etc. — you feel share similar themes with Maus I. Explain the similarities and how you support your findings. Again, look in different genres, e.g. animated films for children. You will be asked to share your ideas during small class discussions, and this blog serves to help you formulate your ideas prior to that.