ENG102 LSC University Center Importance of Feminism

I just need the intro paragraph and one body paragraph after the intro in MLA format, double spaced. Just arguing from the sources I will provide below why it is needed and why it is also not needed.

Here below is my annotated bibliography with the sources I need to be used in the paper and a little info of them. Thank you so much!

Aune, Kristin. Why Feminism Still Matters to Young People. Centre for Trust, Peace, and Social

Relations. Coventry University, http://theconversation.com/why-feminism-still-matters-


This article is very descriptive about the essential needs for why feminism is still

needed not only throughout our country, but throughout the world. This article gives

examples of women in the UK and how they are still living almost as second class

citizens, by not being paid nearly as much as men and not having the same social

class. This piece ensures not only the women in the world, but also the people who now

identify as women, that feminism is still something importantly needed in our society


Jusino, Teresa. Iceland Enforces Equality by Requiring Businesses to Prove They Pay Men and

Women Equally. http://www.themarysue.com/iceland-enforces-equal-p…

This article talks about the wage gap and equally paying women the same that

they pay men in Iceland. They are currently number one when speaking on the gender

wage gap, while unfortunately the United States is only number forty-nine. Since 1850,

Iceland has been the first country to guarantee being paid equally no matter what

gender you identify as or are. Officially since the new year this year, the government in

Iceland is now legally forcing pay equality.

Krischer, Hayley. Everyday Sexism in a ‘Post-Feminist’ World. http://www.theatlantic.com/


This article talks about how “girl power” has been an empowering saying for

young women everywhere that describes how strong girls are and how confident we are

in today’s world. However, instances have come up in other countries like Canada,

where there have been accounts reported where girls are saying how sexist boys are

being to them in schools and work places, by making “jokes” to the women about

going to “make them a sandwich.” This article goes into saying how only few women

spoke up about the jokes being sexist, while other women were scared to do so out of

fear of coming across as a bitch or being mean. Another look at this problem of “go

make me a sandwich,” is the problem that some other women do not look at this as

problematic, but as an okay thing to joke about. This goes into talking about how

because of these instances how important feminism is needed especially for young

women today in society.

McAllister, C. Denise. Can We Talk About Toxic Masculinity? https://www.dailywire.com/tags/


This article speaks mostly on the new ad campaign by Gillette to help men by

the best man that they can be, but unfortunately shakes the cages of conservatives and

other men because it seems to blame all men for abuse of just a few. McAllister’s point

of view with this article is saying that if we are going to show how men can bully and be

abusive, that women can as well. This article tries to focus on that not only is there toxic

masculinity, but there is also women on women crime of being abusive and mean as


Pollitt, Katha. The Whole World Still Needs Feminism. https://www.thenation.com/article/the-


This article focuses the attention of all of the horrendous crimes against women

going on around the world. In places like China, Turkey, Iran, and Africa, women are

being abused, treated as property, raped, and murdered. This article shows the major

importance that feminism is needed and how badly it is needed for those places in the

world. Rights of women are not even thought of on that side of the world, and this article

brings to light the importance of making strides in saving those women with feminism

and how important it truly is throughout the entire world.

Robbins, Liz and Roberts, Sam. Early Feminists Issued a Declaration of Independence. Where

is it Now? https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2019/02/09/nyregion/declaration-of-


This article is about how early in the 1900’s, women came forward and made a

declaration of independence for feminism. This speaks about how when women

obtained the rights to vote, etc, specific women came forward with a declaration of the

rights that we want as women and what the expectations that they had of the new

world they were living in. This article also states how they are unsure of where the

declaration now is, but does know the basic of what is in it.

Tharoor, Ishaan. How Anti-Feminism is Shaping World Politics. https://www.washingtonpost.



This article tends to focus on the President and his view on feminism, which

tends to be the view on feminism to lots of other conservatives in the United States.

This article gives the opinions on feminism from a left-winged viewpoint and also the

viewpoint of right-winged as well. It focuses on the importance of feminism, but not

being too extreme with it.

The Institute of Historical Research. https://www.history.ac.uk/makinghistory/resources/…


This article is about the history of women and how women’s rights became the

big deal and how important it truly is, today. This article talks about the history of

women’s rights and how feminism came to be and how it sparked a beautiful way for

women to be who they really are and to obtain the rights and do everything that we

want to do in society.