EN 121 Monroe College Short Sentencing and Recidivist

Week 3, Assignment 2

Attached Files:

Click on the links to review the instructions for the annotated bibliography, library tutorial, and research paper.

View this video to learn how to read a scholarly journal article.

Next, read the eight (8) sources you located for the paper and be sure to take notes as you read.

Finally, visit this website and create an annotated bibliography based on the sources for the paper.

The bibliographic information in your annotated bibliography must conform to APA guidelines (refer to the downloadable APA Citation e-book) AND the annotations MUST be in your own words!

SafeAssign will identify any COPY & PASTE summaries/descriptions. If anyone is repeating this course, please submit original work.

*** Be sure to view the attached sample annotated bibliography and grading rubric for this assignment.

View this video on how to use Boolean operators for an Internet search.

View this video on how to use a reference list generator to create the bibliographic citation for the annotated bibliography.

***Submit your assignment as a MicroSoft Word file in Times New Roman 12 font to this dropbox by 5PM (EST) on Wednesday 13th March, 2019.