EM501 WSU Discussion About Business Ethical Issues And Situations

Read through and implement the exercise below with your team members. If you are a team of one, consider discussing these with a colleague or family member. Develop a paper that describes your research and findings on ethical or unethical behavior – that meets the EM501 Experiential Exercise Assignment Instructions provided by the instructor.


Are the following actions ethical or unethical in your opinion? Why? Consider the actions individually and discuss them in small groups.

  • Calling in sick when you really are not
  • Taking office supplies home for personal use
  • Cheating on a test
  • Turning in someone for cheating on a test or paper
  • Overcharging on your company expense report
  • Trying to flirt your way out of a speeding ticket
  • Splicing cable from your neighbor
  • Surfing the net on company time
  • Cheating on income tax
  • Lying (exaggerating) about yourself to influence someone of the opposite sex
  • Looking at pornographic sites on the web through the company network
  • Lying about your education on a job application
  • Lying about experience in a job interview
  • Making a copy of a rental DVD before returning it to the store