Effects of Benefits and compensation on Job Satisfaction discussion

To write introduction for my Research project Subject “Human Risk Management: Effects of Benefits and compensation on Job Satisfaction Ultimately Affecting Employee Retention ”

the most trending or critical risk issue in Human Resources in any company is how to have Employee Retention strategy specially with talent and experiences employee

This study will focus In a relationship is developed between job satisfaction, benefits and compensation to check their influence on employee retention.

what is the impact on company if the level of employee satisfaction is low ( High number of unsatisfied) in terms of Company achieving it is goal, gain competitive advantage and may have high number of turnover and the impact of employees him self by effect his or her performance, motivation, and thinking of leaving the company.

so in this study we went to find when a company gain the employee satisfaction through design or over a excellent Benefit and Compensation ( Monetary and Non- Monetary ) it will reduce the employees turnover and have Employee Retention.

it is prefer if you found references for Saudi Arabia in oil & Gas industry , Manufacturing Company

if you can’t find sufficient data about Saudi Arabia you can write in general

it should be from 500 to 1000 Word