Effect of Social Media on Public Opinion

This question is a research topic that is suppose to be written as a Type 1 Lit Review not a Type 2 Lit Review

  • OPTION 1: Write a “Review Article” (Type 1). This will review a large volume of literature on your sub-topic (ex: the effect of social media on public opinion) and includes what is missing from this body of work. It does not deal with a specific research question and hypothesis like the Type 2 does.
    • WHAT SHOULD BE INCLUDED IN THIS OPTION? A short introduction paragraph and the literature review outlining what research has concluded on this topic and what questions are still unanswered. You should break this literature review up into “intellectual categories/sections” with headers if that is helpful but don’t abuse this. There’s no need for more than a few headers and they should not be used just to take up space. At the end of each category, tell the reader how the current research could be expanded or what is still left unknown.
    • EXAMPLES OF A TYPE 1 THAT WE HAVE READ: The article on Voter Turnout across different countries and the article on Public Opinion on Immigration
    • Technical Directions for all papers:
      · Times New Roman font. DO NOT switch fonts throughout the paper.
      · 12-point size, 1-inch margins, 5-6 pages double-spaced, no less.
      · Top of page: Name, the option number you are choosing for this assignment (see below) and the title of your paper. That’s it.
      · In text citations: If you are citing the conclusions of another study, which will happen constantly throughout the literature review, put the authors name and the year it was published in parentheses. Either of the following is appropriate:
      Example: A field experiment by Gerber and Green (2008) found that social pressure increases voter turnout.
      Example 2: It is well established that social pressure has the ability to increase voter turnout (Gerber and Green 2008)
      · Reference Page: At the end of your literature review there should be a reference page with the full APA style citations for each source you cited throughout your paper.
      · Minimum Article Citation Number: 15 Sources (if you are doing TYPE 1 you should aim for more than this. The more you do for Type 1, the more it improves your grade)