Edward Jones Analysis and Recommendations discussion

1. Identification of Problems and Issues

  • Provide a focused diagnosis of strategic issues and key problems.
  • Overview of the company’s situation in the industry, its strategy, and the significant problems and issues that confront management. Try to avoid talking history which does not throw light on the important issues, analysis, or the recommendations.
  • State problems and issues as clearly as possible.

2. Analyze

  • Avoid merely repeating the case facts. You should use the case facts to buttress your arguments.
  • Use financial ratio analysis (e.g. DuPont Analysis) to provide some assessment of the company’s financial health
  • You need to identify the issues involved in the case, and build logically toward your recommendations.

3. Discuss Alternatives

  1. Identify alternatives
  2. Evaluate each alternatives, and
  3. Recommend the alternative you think is the best.

Be specific in your recommendations

  • Develop specific recommendations logically and make sure your recommendations are well defended by your analysis.
  • Avoid using generalizations, cliches, and ambiguous recommendations.