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How to write your AD Analysis

Live action commercials fall somewhere between print advertisements and movies. They often have plots, characters, and music, in addition to trying to sell their product. When you choose a commercial (preferably one you feel passionate about), you’ll considering its unique combination of appeals and visual argument, and how these elements work together to persuade an audience to buy the product. How are these appeals conveyed? What techniques is the ad audience that looks at, supports, or responds to these ads?

You will want to start with a brief description of the advertisements. This should only be a paragraph or so. Other description, in more detail, should be interspersed throughout the paragraph when you’re analyzing different aspects of the ad.

Consider things such as: who is in the commercial (is it anyone famous?), color space, mood, product being sold, models used (race, gender, class of those models), use of dialogue, text, and where and when the commercial is aired. You may also consider: cinematography, dialogue, lighting, music, story, audience expectations, product being sold, and the importance of the central character (including his/her effectiveness). Try to boil down the advertisement’s argument to its most extreme message.

The commercial on YouTube or some other site, and post the URL, properly cited, at the end of your essay on a separate works cited page.