Discussion: Read the above articles and state and defend your position regarding

it discussion one half pages

Biosecurity and Bioterrorism (2192)

Read ”
Scientists Brace for Media Storm around Controversial Flu Studies” (Science, 2011).

Read: ”
Benefits and Risks of Influenza Research: Lessons Learned” (Science, 2012)

Read ”
Call to censor flu studies draws fire” (Nature, 2012)

Read ”
Scientists call for 60-day suspension of mutant flu research” (Nature, 2012)

Read the actual statement here: ”
Pause on avian flu transmission studies” (Nature, 2012)

Read ”
Creating a Mammalian-Transmissible A/H5N1 Influenza Virus: Social Contracts, Prudence, and Alternative Perspectives” M. Osterholm, D. Relman in JID (2012).

Read ”
The Science of Security Versus the Security of Science” N. Bouvier in JID (2012)

Gain of Function Perspectives

Risks and Benefits of Gain of Function Research” by Arturo Casadeval and Michael J. Imperiale (editorial)

White Paper – The Gain of Function Research: Ethical Analysis” by Michael J. Selgelid (commissioned by the NSABB)

Framework for Conducting Risk and Benefit Assessments of Gain-of-Function Research” (2015)

Discussion: Read the above articles and state and defend your position regarding 1. whether the research done was justified and 2. whether or not it should have been published given the circumstances.

For additional notes:

For a very in-depth, 1000-page analysis, you can see the ”
Risk and Benefit Analysis of Gain of Function Research” by Gryphon Scientific (commissioned by the NSABB)

Also…The US Government
instituted a moratorium on all GOF work in October 2014 in reaction to the publication of the research and subsequent outcry. It was subsequently lifted, but no other country followed the US move