Discussion: Course Outcomes

Class: The heart of Mathematics

Topics of the class: Pascal Triangle, Fibonacci Numbers, Fractals in Nature,

Review the course outcomes and post a response reflecting on how you feel you met these outcomes.


I believe that I have met the course outcomes for this class. I am able to use critical thinking skills to communicate and problem solve math problems. This class has provided a way to solve problems in math without using the conventional way to solve math problems. I have learned a lot about fractals, never having heard of them before this class. I think that every topic that we discussed in this class I had never heard of. Well I have heard of geometry. I hadn’t heard about the Eulerian circuit, which I could possibly use at some point in my life. I can now look at the world, and nature and try to think of it in a mathematical perspective. I can never look at roads in the same way. I always think if there is an even number of roads at an intersection. We have only covered so many topics in this book called Heart of Mathematics, and I;m sure that all of the other topics are just as interesting as the ones that we have already covered. There were times where I was looking a math in a different way. I wasn’t thinking outside of the box. I was trying to find a solution in a normal mathematical way, but that is not how the problem was able to be solved. I had to use a different approach, in a more methodological way. Today my coworkers were making fun of me for talking about fractals. They started calling them fraggle rock, as if it were the television show. I am also amazed how my fiancĂ© and his brother were already familiar with fractals. I think that it is coincidence that someone I know knew about fractals before I had the chance to tell them. I am grateful for this class for showing me how math can be fun and interesting.